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Call-Me-Out post for one (1) John Egbert of Homestuck

also casually puts his font here for tagging not on my laptop whoops

Post-[community profile] robowest CMO

For all of your post-Robowest shenanigans, text, action, etc.
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Winter Funderland

1.) Pick a character
2.) Hit me with a prompt, a picture prompt, or any other winter fun-time things you can think of
2a.) You can also leave me a blank comment and a vague idea of what you'd like and I can write a starter
3.) Receive cute winter things!

Ideas include but are not limited to: snowmen, mistletoe, ice skating, being snowed in, winter trips, Christmas shopping, Christmas parities, New Years celebrations, snowball fights, etc. Current CR, past CR, and assumed CR are also all game.
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Nico + Hiro

[He didn't think to ask where Nico was going but all that matters is that his friends are irresponsible idiots who forgot Hiro was 16 and allowed him to drink before remembering he's actually a child. By then it was a little late though.

Thus, Nico gets a text a short time after he gets home.]

ur dog wont get off of me. sos. make this stop. ur cat is licking my hair?

[Maybe only about 50% of that is true but hey.]

where r u?????
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The Long-Distance Meme

1.) pick a character in your subject line
2.) come up with a scenario or leave a blank comment and I'll do one myself. Scenarios can include:
In-face visit after set amount of time (special trip, anniversary, etc.)
3.) drown in cute things