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PSL/MEME Guidelines

General Notes

Generally speaking the characters on my CMO are ones I want to play! Some of them are still in voice-testing stages and some of them are ones I’ve played for years.

There are a couple of basic things I’ll cover real fast:

1.) I like gen! I like playing cute friendships and also family dynamics! (I’m actually really, really self-indulgent when it comes to family dynamics and super-close-friendships.)
2.) That said I also really like shippy things and will happily play out cute/dramatic/sappy/etc threads. I’m open to playing m/f, m/m and f/f. The only thing I’m not entirely comfortable with is huge age gaps! (think 9+ years.) Mostly because it’s hard for me to get into that mindset, personally.
3.) Additionally, there are certain characters on this list I will write smut with but it’s generally not my primary goal. If a thread seems to be moving that way or you’d like to do some sort of thread that’s going to wind up smutty feel free to PP me to discuss. I want to keep it separate from the general CMO!
4.) I like castmates but I also really like crosscanon. If you think a character would mesh well with one of mine, send ‘em over.
5.) I have two characters in a pretty big and sometimes fast game, so sometimes PSL/musebox threads get backburnered for a bit. If I’m not moving fast enough for you or it’s been too long, please nudge me and I’ll get back to it ASAP. This also goes for if I don’t respond to your starter ASAP. If I don’t respond to a starter within a day that most likely means I didn’t actually see it/get the notif and I’m so sorry.
6.) I don’t mind writing starters, just give me a heads up!

Now with all of that out of the way…

Things I Like To Play:

Here is a list of memes I’m interested in or things I like to play:

1.) TFLN or just funny silly texting back and forth between characters
2.) Coffee shop AU
3.) High school/college AU
4.) Okay, AUS in general
5.) Caught in the Rain
6.) Vampire/monster/supernatural (this is a pretty wide umbrella which also includes HP-verse and demigods-verse)
7.) Picture-prompt/quote-prompt/music-prompt
8.) Seasonal Greetings (example found here)
9.) Train to the Afterlife (example found here)
10.) Physical affection (example found here)

If something isn’t listed that doesn’t mean I don’t want to play it! Those are just examples of things I will really sink my teeth into. If you aren’t sure I’ll be interested in something you really want to play, please don’t hesitate to ask.