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Naoto + Rise; kawaii kouhai bullshit

[Okay. Maybe it wasn't fair to Naoto to basically monopolize her and twist her arm a little until she agreed to let Rise play dress-up with her. The thing about it is that Rise knows Naoto could be a really pretty girl if she wanted to be! (The thing about it is that Rise knows Naoto is a really pretty girl...but she could be prettier if she tried.) It's for that reason that she'd made sure to plan a day where both of their schedules were clear before texting the other girl (littered with emojis, of course) to meet her at a shop in the city. With both of them back to work now, it shouldn't be too hard to get there.

She's practically bouncing in anticipation as she waits on a bench outside of the store, a to-go paper cup in one hand and her phone in the other. She's impatient, looking up and down the street once or twice before sending her friend another text.]

naoto-kuuuun! where r u? we're wasting the day! (。•́︿•̀。)

[More importantly, to Rise, the longer that Naoto took the less time she'd get to spend with the other girl. That was priority here. It wasn't often she got to just hang out with her friends now but she was determined to make it work.]
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[Why did she agree to this?

It's not that Naoto doesn't want to spend time with Rise. She does. She likes Rise. She finds the other girl... fun. Pleasant to be around. Clever, kind, pretty, all of these things.

But letting Rise dress her up? That's something else entirely. Naoto doesn't 'dress up.' She barely even dresses like 'a girl' should. She's not even doing it today, wearing slacks and a long-sleeved button-down shirt, with her customary cap on top of her short hair.

Somehow she has a difficult time saying no to Hurricane Risette.

She checks her phone as it vibrates again. Of course, it's from Rise. And that's... oh, it's a face.

That's kind of cute.

She texts back, as she walks:]

I'm four blocks away. I'll be there shortly. Didn't we agree to meet at noon?

[It wasn't even 11:50 yet. She'd thought she'd been early.]
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I'll be right there. [She texts as she walks, and then puts her phone away. It's only a few more blocks before she turns the corner and sees her classmate and teammate waiting for her. Naoto lifts a hand in greeting.]

I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I'd thought I was going to be early, actually.
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It's not that. [She says, looking slightly sheepish as she gets closer to Rise.] I got out on time. You just got here even earlier. [She was ten minutes early! That should've been enough.] You haven't been here too long, I hope?

Where did you want to go first?
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[She, of course, would never imagine that Rise wouldn't put her friends first. The bonds they've forged aren't that weak, after all (but nor are they so weak that she wouldn't understand if work kept her, either).

The boutique, on the other hand...

She can recognize the appeal in some of the clothes, on an objective level. They're nicely colored, and probably well made, and on a girl like Rise, she's sure they'd accentuate her body in a very pleasant fashion.

She is very, very, not sure that they'd do the same to her. She looks back to Rise, trying to hide her trepidation.]
...yes, I trust you.

I'm not sure it's my style, but if you think so, I'll certainly give it a shot.
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[Okay. She's gonna be dragged by her hand. This is how this is going to go. Rise, you're always so... interesting with how you do things. Interesting and a little embarrassing.

Naoto lets herself be tugged into the shop, standing slightly awkwardly as Rise rummages through the racks. Rise seems so very much in her element, and Naoto just feels out of place.

White is a good, neutral color, she thinks, but the blouse that Rise pulls out is very much not her style. It's lacy. It drapes. The look on Naoto's face is very much a skeptical one, but she tries to seem more interested in it than she is when she glances at Rise's expectant expression.]
I... can certainly try it on. Is there a changing room?
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[It doesn't have to be skintight! Draping, in Naoto's mind, means it can get snagged on something in a chase. It'll show off her arms. She's not sure about this.

She goes along with it anyway, because Rise is smiling so warmly and she feels bad doing anything to dampen that.]
All right. It shouldn't take too long to change.

[And, in all fairness, it doesn't. She pulls off her cap, setting it on one of the shelves, and unbuttons her shirt. She feels vaguely self-conscious when she shrugs it off, being only hidden away from the world by a thin curtain. But at least she's wearing her binder, which is sort of like an undershirt, right?

When she walks out of the changing stall, her cheeks are slightly red. This top is so light. It feels ethereal, even.]
How does it look?

[Said binder, unfortunately, means it drapes a little more flatly than it ought to.]
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['Lifeless?' What does that even mean? Naoto tries to stay still as Rise tugs and pulls at the blouse, reshaping it as it hangs off her body.] It feels... very light. Like I'm not wearing much of a shirt at all, to be honest. It's a little exposing.

What do you mean, it's 'lifeless'? Am I wearing it incorrectly?
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[Again, Naoto frowns, not exactly meeting Rise's look as she keeps on trying to tug the shirt into a semblance of how it's supposed to look on a fully feminine figure.] I'm not sure I want people to focus on my... shape.

I try to make myself flat, you know. Maybe it's the binder...?
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Without...? [Naoto's eyes briefly widen before narrowing again.

Her cheeks are feeling slightly warm, and glowing slightly pink.]
I don't exactly have many other options, Rise-san. I don't actually... own any alternatives.

So there's nothing to be done about it right now, it would seem.

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[Oh my god Rise.

Naoto looks at her flatly, an expression equal parts disbelief and befuddlement. Is it really that hard to believe?]
I bind almost every day. I don't own any brassieres.

Please don't make me discuss their size so frankly. [Yes, they are.]
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[She wants to say that this doesn't exactly seem like a very likely scenario... but it's not one she can rule out, either. Not completely.] I... suppose that could happen.

But-- [She frowns.] I've never... I wouldn't even know where to begin. Binding is much simpler.

[She glances up at Rise, as if about to ask her something.] The one time I ever tried shopping for them, it... didn't go well. It was slightly overwhelming.

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[In retrospect, this was a completely predictable thing for Rise to say.] What?

--you mean, right now? Didn't you have other places you wanted to take me?

[Naoto doesn't quite understand that the problem of these not fitting properly without the right curves is an ongoing one. For such a brilliant mind, sometimes she doesn't get things.]
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[Hurricane Risette. Category 5. Complete destruction.

Naoto sighs a little bit as Rise marches her back into the changing room, coming out shortly later in her usual outfit, holding the blouse on its hangar.]
I... hang it up here, right?

I'm sorry, I don't go shopping for clothes very often. But-- where too next? [She tries to sound excited for her friend.]

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