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SOTRP July 2016

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dead brothers and robot nurses

Hiro's always my favorite and he is always going to be easiest for me to play. Writing his tags is sort of the same as breathing and I love threading out all kinds of stuff with him! His voice is still just as strong as it was when I picked him up a year and a half ago c:

I have a Tadashi and I have a Honey Lemon! Hiro loves them both dearly and I think it's been fun to have castmates around even if Hiro has a tendency to fuck off and do his own thing smh...(PS bring me the rest of the 6 someday)

...haha okay but. Consider a world where I actually wasn't involved in the plotting. Isn't that scary? Hiro's by FAR my easiest to get involved in the plot in a variety of ways and his plot path in Cerealia has been such a joy. I love that a lot of people also look to him for plotting things and I lovelovelove getting others involved! Please come to me and we'll do plot things! Let my protag protag his way through life.

Kiss kiss fall in love--I mean no he's super happily taken by Ruby Rose and he will kill a man if anyone tries to separate them. And by kill I mean probably cry.

The true nerdy bae. Hiro's always going to be fun for me in this game and I am always itching to do new things with him and gain new CR and send him down new rabbit holes. Cerealia is basically the perfect fit for him and it's been such a joy letting him grow and build CR and change and playing out all the things we don't see in canon. I still worry about being a little too overinvolved or not involved in the right ways which is silly, but for the most part I'm really pleased with him.

Maybe if I stop roleplaying all together? He'll be my last to go honestly. Also I've had him in Cerealia for about exactly a year!!
/aggressively friendships
Persona 4 is a game about friendship and murder!

Rise is so much easier to play than when I first started playing her and she brings me a lot of joy! I love her a lot but sometimes I get a little shaky with her especially in some of her more serious threads? For the most part though I don't second-guess on her tags anymore and I feel like I do an okay job playing her!

/wiggles aggressively I HAVE A YU AND A YOSUKE AND NINA'S APPING NAOTO....what more do I really need? (The rest of the IT would be cool but.) Of her castmates those three are definitely my top priority for Rise and they all play their characters so well and it's been a blessing.

I wish I could make a half-square but alas. Rise's easier to get involved with plotty-things via her castmates and her friends of course but as a non-combatant I have to be really creative with how she gets involved in plot stuff. I will admit she's also backburner in terms of plotting things thanks to having Hiro in the same game, but I'm trying to balance her more. She's easy when it comes to more light-hearted stuff but I'm starting to work her into the more serious things, too.

Cutie-kawa is incredibly shippable because she greatly loves a lot of people and will always shower her friends and loved ones in affection. She still has a giant crush on Yu even though he broke her heart, and she absolutely has crush-like feelings for Leon Kuwata. Overall shipping isn't my priority with her but shippy threads with her are absolutely my favorite anyway because they're really natural.

The only reason this isn't all the way maxed out is because playing Rise requires a ton of energy that I don't always have! She's a lot more social than Hiro and so she gets really really involved in her conversations with her friends and that takes a lot of time and energy. Overall though I enjoy her very much and I feel like she's a good balance to Hiro.

Eh. Like 99% no unless I had to cut back for whatever reason or if she took a lot of hard CR hits or something, but generally "if I drop Rise it means I'm dropping Cerealia"
/smashes the betray button
the demigod life is terrible/goddamnit percy jackson

I took a very long break with Luke. Two years, actually, almost to the date, and I think that helped me a lot. I still reference his books and canon and such a lot for help with his tags but his general voice is definitely there still. I was really shaky with him when I first started playing him again but after five weeks in Cradle he's doing okay and I remember why I solely played asshole characters for years.

I'm LCWing it up in Cradle and I love it! I really love it, I've played with big PJO casts before with him and it was fun-ish but I'm finding I vastly prefer either playing him with one or two castmates or none at all.

With a murder game it's interesting how much you can really "plot" but Luke has a role he's playing in-game ( he made up himself, I mean, not a real one or anything) and he's wiggling his way into people's lives and planting seeds and doing his own thing. He's starting to have some investment in what's going on, too, so it's easier to get involved in trials now.

Tree-fucker. I MEAN. Nah Luke's in the middle in terms of ages on the ship and he has a lot of emotional/intimacy issues that makes shipping with him pretty impossible if your name isn't Thalia Grace.

I've forgotten how much I've missed this cagey asshole. Luke is so great for sassing at people and also pulling emotional punches and playing him from his canonpoint in a murder game is really, really interesting. It was HARD in a real game but this actually was a very smart choice on my part. I hope everybody else is having fun, too, but I'm enjoying my time with him and getting to stretch his wings, etc, in a short-term game.

I mean. He'll probably have to die sometime, right? Maybe?


Home game! It's nice to have a real home game again and I love all of my CR and my plot things in this game to bits and pieces. Cerealia is pretty much everything I could ever dream of in a game and I'm very happy here! I think 2 is my limit in terms of characters in order to keep up and give the game the attention it deserves. I sometimes still feel I'm too...much, but I love everything I'm doing and I hope I can help everybody have a lot of fun here!

I'm really glad Squee and Mira conned me into apping Luke here because up until apps actually opened I was still not 100% on apping at all, much less apping Luke. It's my first murder game and I had an unsteady start due to trying to grapple with Luke's voice and Luke as a character in a game like this, but I've finally hit my stride and now I don't know if I want it to end? It's been a fun mix of characters and CR and Luke doing things and craziness. It's a nice break from Cerealia but I'm also glad it's short-term. It's the fix I needed for Luke specifically.


HIRO HAMADA My one and only etc etc. I'm forever going to be in Disney hell, I've accepted this. Hiro's still, strangely, the one I haven't experienced any kind of burn-out with and I really hope I don't. He's so fun to toss around and he's at a good age to do whatever I feel like (plot/growing up/shipping/etc.) I'm always up for museboxing him and tagging with him and starting new things with him. He's usually my default when I think of RP. I don't know what this says about me beyond "robots." Regardless, he's someone I made his journal for while I was still in the theater seeing BH6 for the first time so I think it's safe to say he brings me a lot of happiness.

RISE KUJIKAWA I still find it funny that originally when I started playing P4 I had a journal for Yosuke and I was so set on playing him. I actually REALLY DISLIKED RISE! A LOT! I had a really weird impression of her from fandom and roleplay that I thought I'd honestly really hate her! And then I saw what she was like in the game and dokidokisidolhell. My type of girl in terms of playing has always been spunky redhead with heavy emotions and supports the shit out of her friends no matter what (Kairi, Shiki, etc.) So I really shouldn't be surprised. I love Rise's story and her character growth in-game is very nice and I love getting to play that out. She's my first new girl that I've apped to a game since about 2009 and I regret nothing about her. Sometimes I still worry about going OOC with her since she's so fluid in her personality but I've had a lot of fun with her so far and think Cerealia was also a good choice for her :)

LUKE CASTELLAN This douche canoe...I read the entire PJO series and wrote an app for Luke in a month back in...2013 when I wanted to play him in Asgard and he still remains one of my favorite characters to really dissect. That said, he's HARD TO PLAY SOMETIMES. He's actually a character where you question a little what part of his personality is real and what part is affected by what's happening to him in canon. I refuse to say that Luke did nothing wrong because Luke sure did fuck up a lot, but I will say that I sympathize with him a lot and it's always fun to play him post-series where he has to come to terms with what's happened. Murder-game has definitely forced him to reevaluate what's important to him and make friends. I won't say he's the deepest of my characters, but he's definitely the most messed up of mine and it's a very cool balance for me. I've idly thought about apping him somewhere after Cradle but lbr it'd probably be another short-term game. He's pretty tricky for me in longer scenarios.


I'm way too fucking old for this hobby, good god. It's been 10 years since I started journal RP but like I've explained to a few people, it's a very nice channel of creativity and destressor from my real life and responsibilities. I love writing, I love writing with people, making them happy, exploring character depth, etc. I think it's a hobby I've definitely slowed down a lot in, but it's still something I enjoy. On the other hand, I've absolutely let go a bit since college and I've stopped feeling bad if I don't tag every day. I love getting to explore new canons and new character-types, too, and I've made a lot of friends so...thank you! Thank you everyone for everything!

I'm always up for doing museboxing or meme things with characters I don't have in-game solely because I love playing with different scenarios, too. So I think it's safe to say I'll probably continue on for a little while. Guess it helps that I'm in a creative industry too, huh?

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