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Winter Funderland

1.) Pick a character
2.) Hit me with a prompt, a picture prompt, or any other winter fun-time things you can think of
2a.) You can also leave me a blank comment and a vague idea of what you'd like and I can write a starter
3.) Receive cute winter things!

Ideas include but are not limited to: snowmen, mistletoe, ice skating, being snowed in, winter trips, Christmas shopping, Christmas parities, New Years celebrations, snowball fights, etc. Current CR, past CR, and assumed CR are also all game.
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1 and 2
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[It didn't snow often in San Fransokyo. Actually, there were more winters that Hiro could remember where the snow barely touched the ground than winters that held white Christmases.

So really, it just figured that the one time Nico came to visit would be the one night the city started receiving a downpour of snow flurries that thickened as the day progressed.

At first it was fine. At first the pair were able to spend the day together wandering the city (and at one point visiting the nerd lab) but as the snow got worse Baymax suggested that they head back to Lucky Cat before either boy became too chilled. Nico had a slightly thicker bomber jacket to keep him warm and Hiro had grown used to running around in all conditions in his hoodie, but it was hard to argue with a walking marshmallow when it started to physically carry you home.

They hadn't been in the café for more than ten minutes when the lights flickered, an indication of the storm to come. The plan, originally, had been that Nico would hop through the world rift late that night but with the storm outside Hiro wondered if that was even a good idea. (That, and perhaps he was selfish. Hiro was prone to doing that.)

It took a little persuading (read: arguing) to get Nico to stay, but eventually Hiro grinned and pushed him toward the stairs calling "I'll be up in a sec" over his shoulder before disappearing into the kitchen.

The attic bedroom was cozy at least. Tadashi's partition was pulled back but the room remained as immaculate as ever. Hiro's room, on the other hand…well he tried. It was still messy and Baymax advised Nico to watch his step before waddling to his charging station to power down. The robot was smart to think to preserve his power before the power potentially went out. Clothes were strewn everywhere and his desk was cluttered, but the bed and floor around it were mostly clear. Surrounding the desk and his bed (and his amphibian tank) were strands of white Christmas lights that twinkled cheerfully. A small tree sat on the side of his desk decorated with little screws and bolts. And most importantly the bed itself seemed equip with a large pile of blankets.

After a few moments though Hiro's up the stairs and there's a tray in his hand with a plate of sugar cookies and hot chocolate. He knows Nico by now, but he still waves them temptingly toward him as he approaches.]

My aunt would probably kill me if I didn't bring these up. [He gives a lopsided smile.] Sorry about the freakstorm, dude. I know that throws off your schedule.
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wtf that's so cute omg

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[Even if it wasn't for as long as Nico had hoped, he'd honestly enjoyed wandering the city with Hiro and Baymax. He even enjoyed meeting his boyfriend's college-aged friends and seeing their lab in general. Everything was so different, yet similar, to what he'd seen from his world. There were points where he even wondered, albeit briefly, whether there was a Camp Jupiter here, too.

He'd been in the Bay Area enough times to know that the heavy snowfall was a rare thing to experience. It seemed like just his luck that they'd have a night like that, but...if Nico was being honest, he was glad for it. It let him stay a little longer with Hiro.

The ensuing argument at Lucky Cat about whether the son of Hades would return to his world that night was mostly his sense of responsibility needing to be convinced to stay. He was glad that Hiro won it, though he wouldn't say that aloud. He knew better. His boyfriend didn't need that kind of an ego boost.

Nico raises an eyebrow as Hiro disappears into the kitchen, but goes upstairs anyway. He takes to exploring the bedroom, nodding at Baymax's warning to watch his step, and sheds his jacket to drape on his boyfriend's chair. It's been a very long time since he's celebrated Christmas and the decorations that are very Hiro-like make him nostalgic for that time. Though, the holiday does still leave something of a bitter taste in his mouth, remembering that the anniversary of Bianca's death is very close to December 25th.

The demigod looks over as his boyfriend comes into the room with a plate of cookies and hot chocolate. Nico smirks a little, amused, as he walks over to help by picking up both mugs in his hands. This way, Hiro's less likely to spill the hot drink everywhere.]

It happens. At least this one probably isn't because of a god throwing a temper tantrum.
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a cute thing for cute boyfriends tbh

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[While he was downstairs he'd thought about the fact that Nico didn't fight that hard. He knows Nico's more responsible than he is, that Nico has a job and that Nico is more duty-bound than Hiro will ever be despite being a superhero. It's the one thing that separated them on the two sides of the war.

He doesn't want to think about the war though. He wants to think about the fact that Nico's not looking for exits and Nico's here and Nico's spending the night, probably, which means more time with him. (Perhaps Cass should be concerned about that, but she's well enough aware by now that Hiro's still more interested in robots than most things.)

He rolls his eyes when Nico takes the drinks, though the fact that he promptly trips over something and almost drops the plate instead is probably a good indicator that Nico had the right idea.]

Probably. Do you guys have snow gods throwing temper tantrums a lot or what? [He drops the plate in the center of the bed and crawls up toward his headboard, leaving room for Nico to sit either at the foot of his bed or at his computer chair. He knows where he'd prefer him to go but he's also aware that Nico's...Nico. Nico will do as Nico pleases and that's what Hiro likes about him.] Hate to break it to you but I think this is probably just the clouds. The forecast on the TV downstairs said it'd be snowing all the way through the morning.
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for real yo

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[Nico shakes his head slightly as Hiro trips. Maybe he knows his boyfriend a little too well, but that's alright. It'll help to keep him out of some trouble.]

Boreas doesn't have many, but Khione caused a lot of problems in the modern day. She was a really minor goddess since Greece didn't get much snow, so to say she was bitter about it would be an understatement.

[The son of Hades hesitates for a second before deciding that it's most likely okay. Instead of going to either the foot of the bed or the computer chair, Nico just goes to sit next to his boyfriend at the head of the bed. He's just careful about it so that he doesn't spill the hot chocolate.

It's still cold and that's the excuse he's sticking to. It's totally not because he wants to cuddle up to Hiro. Nope.]

Better that than Zeus throwing a fit.

[He hands one of the mugs to Hiro.]

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Hit me with your best shot.
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[Meeting Riku at the shrine had become ritual by now. She never quite understood how Riku traveled through the darkness and she knew better than to ask because it was a sensitive subject, but she also knew not to think so little of it. It meant that Riku was here with her. That's what she liked the most.

On this particular day she's dressed in warm leggings and a long-sleeved tunic dress, warm boots pulled up to her knees and a jacket wrapped around her frame. She took one look at Riku, smiling brightly before she threw herself in for a hug and latching herself to his arm as she looked up at the sky. He should be used to this by now. The shrine's quiet and peaceful, the fox that cares for the area nowhere to be found and she feels happy to be here even as there's a buzz in the air.]

Riku, you're from an island aren't you? Does it ever snow there?
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[Oh damnit he wasn't expecting this.

Not Rise. He always expects her. But the snow and the cold practically smack him in the face when he walks out of the portal. Sure, he grabbed a light jacket. But considering this kid comes from a tropical island, their winters never feel like this.

He huffs out a sigh before she latches onto his arm, but he's quick to return a smile to her. His hair is starting to grow again, the bangs looking more shaggy than before and are starting to fall into his eyes, but he's happy to see her again.

But of course, her first topic of choice is the weather. Riku looks away awkwardly, free hand rubbing the back of his head, hoping that she might not notice that he may be cold.]

...Eh, yeah but no. It doesn't. I've seen it at other places though, but not home. Winters aren't like this.
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[She's not stupid. She's latching on because...well, all right, she's latching on because she likes Riku and likes latching onto Riku, but she doesn't mind the shared bodyheat at all either as they begin to walk away. Her eyes glance toward the sky before drawing back to Riku's face, giggling under her breath.]

I wish there was a way I could have warned you. This just started a few days ago but...winter's sort of romantic, don't you think?
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[There's nothing wrong with latching onto him for the sake of attaching herself. Although it's more than likely going to make him go pink. Sometimes he wonders just what she sees in him. Maybe it's something he can't see himself.

He suppresses a shiver, laughing sheepishly and going a little more rosey in the cheeks. Romantic. Right. He can tell she loves the snow.]

Yeah, guess I'll have to work on getting better cell service for you when I'm away. [Or however that works. They really do need a better way of communicating.]

I guess in some ways it is with all this snow and cold. Is that what you guys think of the season? Or are you just saying that cause you're so close to me?

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[She remembers winters in Radiant Garden when she was a little girl. It really put the radiant in the world, truthfully, frost decorating the castle like crystal and flakes gently blowing through the open gardens. It left her with fond memories.

She wondered if maybe some day Naminé would regain those memories, too. Kairi had left the garden when she was five and had been transported to Destiny Islands. It never snowed on the islands and their own slice of paradise remained warm and sunny. That didn't mean that they didn't celebrate the holidays though.

She never thought to question how, precisely, she and Naminé could exist side by side when they had fully merged. It didn't matter. It gave her time to get to know the girl for who she was instead of just a piece of herself. It's way today when she approaches Naminé she has a large crafting box in her arms that she's lugging into the room, unceremoniously dropping it and leaning on it to peer at her.]

Hey. How do you feel about decorating today?
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[Likewise, Namine was concerned with similar questions. Not necessarily over what might be considered missing memories, but the fact that the two of them are separate now without any consequence to Kairi. It's something she's trying to swallow and not worry about, but it's hard to accept.

So when Kairi catches her curled on the couch sketching and drops the box, it's enough to make Naminé jump in her seat and hug the sketchbook to her chest. Curiousity does get the better of her though and after a moment, she leans over to peer into the box herself, a slightly confused look on her face.]

Um... decorating for what?
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[Kairi's taking the approach of treating Naminé as a friend instead of some foreign entity. It's easier that way, she thinks, and she hopes it'll help put the other girl at ease. She looks briefly apologetic for startling her but after that she simply smiles and begins opening the box.]

The holidays are coming up. Christmas and everything...have you ever seen something like that? You're here so it's only fair to celebrate it.
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[You're lucky that she's inherited a good amount of curiousity, Kairi. Naminé moves a little closer, peering inside at all the crafting supplies.

And has she seen Christmas? She's positive Kairi doesn't mean it that way, but it feels a little like a loaded question. Of course, she's seen Christmas. Just through other people's memories. Experiencing it for herself is another story.]

Um... no. But I know about it. [A nervous beat as she looks rather apologetic herself.] How... do you celebrate it?

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[She's late. She's definitely, definitely late and that's on her for losing track of the time in getting ready for a night out with Leon. She had been so careful with everything else. She had coordinated the time off with Inoue-san, she had made sure the cute date-outfit she reserved for the evening was clean and wrinkle-free, she made sure she had enough of the right colors of make-up...

...really, the only thing she didn't do was make sure she had enough time to pull it all together. As such when she races out the door and runs to their meeting place downtown she's dressed in a new outfit and hardly noticing that there are little flurries of snow swirling through the air. Her boots stomp through slush as she rushes and she spots him at their designated corner. Her eyes light up and she smiles brightly, lifting a hand in the air.]

Leon! [She's still on the move though and just as she gets close enough the heel of her boot slips and she stumbles right into him. Hopefully she doesn't known them both over, landing in slushy snow would be a real mood killer.]
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Yooo, Rise-cha—whoa!

[Whoops. His arms shoot out to catch her, and he takes a moment to silently bless the ice. No one got hurt, and this date is already off to a great start, with Rise in his arms like this. A Christmas miracle, maybe?! Having to wait a little bit for her to arrive was 1000% worth it already.

(Honestly, he'd been late too . . . he'd just still gotten there first, to his surprise. He doesn't really mind, though. Usually she's the one waiting for him.)

He steadies them both on the ground, planting their feet firmly, and then he could pull his arms away and they'd both be safe and sound—but he doesn't quite yet. His hands slide along Rise's arms to her elbows and hold there lightly as he takes in the sight of her. Damn, she's so cute . . . ! Sweater weather is the best! (Every weather is the best for her, though.)]

Heh, gotcha! You okay? You look great!

[He's bundled up himself in a coat and scarf and gloves. It's not dressed up, but he looks a little less flashy than usual just because even cool punks get cold outside in the winter.]
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[She doesn't mind being held. Baseball's done Leon some good and she'd be a liar to say she isn't attracted to his arms in the first place. She readjusts on her feet and her hands rest on his shoulders as she smiles up at him.]

A lot better now. [It's both the truth and Rise flirting as she allows her eyes to look him over. Her fingers move to playfully tug at his scarf.] This is cute. I never thought I'd see you like this. Sorry I'm late! Are you ready to go?

[She has ideas for this date night, but more than anything she's looking forward to spending time with him.]
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You never thought you'd see me cold? Heh . . . long's you like it, that's all that matters!

[He grins at her from behind his scarf. He is ready to go, except pulling away is so unfortunate . . . well, he'll just have to find another excuse to hold her later. He's pretty sure they can come up with one.

So, alas, he takes a step back, offering her his arm instead. They don't have to not touch. They can touch and walk. She's so cute like this, her cheeks pink from the cold, classy and cuddly at the same time; he can't help but take another quick look.]

Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go! Where to first?

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[Ever since her hiatus, Rise has been better about taking time for herself while working on her next album. What does that mean? It means being able to spend some time with her friends and family and also keep up with the news and television. This is how she hears the news about Yuuri Katsuki and his ascent back in the world of figure skating after a crushing defeat the year before. Rise knows a thing or two about high-pressure performances and she feels for the guy, but after that she doesn't think too much on it.

That changes a few weeks later when Inoue-san informs her that she's been invited to the Ice Castle Hasetsu to meet with Yuuri and maybe help him with some of his choreography. As it seemed, his current coach saw one of her music videos and liked the way she embodied movement in her dancing. Yuuri skated beautifully but still needed to fully embrace his confidence when Victor wasn't around.

She hasn't ice skated since she was younger but it's easy for her to lace up her skates and slide onto the ice, doing a few warm-up laps while she waits for Yuuri. When the door opens though she smiles brightly, hoping to look professional and confident in the face of someone older than herself and someone who's considered a professional athlete. She's never worked with someone like him before, but she can hope for the best.]

You're Katsuki-san, right?
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That's me. [Yuuri comes to a stop beside the boards, duffel bag hanging loosely from his shoulder as he studies her with surprised, but warm eyes. At first, his expression's a little guarded, but it melts into a small smile once the recognition settles in.]

I think I know you. Rise Kujikawa, right? Or Risette. Yuuko-san and her triplets listen to your music.

[He laughs softly.] Viktor said he got someone to help me out with choreography while he's back in Russia, I just didn't expect it to be you. I should've known he'd go for a surprise like this. [As he sets his bag down, he cocks his head at her, curious.] Don't you have a really busy schedule, though? [He'd imagine that an idol like Risette would be booked full on most days, and Hasetsu's not exactly in the city either.]
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[If she's surprised to hear it, she doesn't show it. In a way it makes her happy to know that there are fans all over the country and that she made the right choice to return to her career.]

That's me! I met with them briefly, they're all really nice. [It reminds her of some of the people in Inaba. It's the same kindness and particularity that comes from small businesses and the like.] You can call me Rise, it's okay.

[She twirls briefly on the ice before gliding to the boards, stopping in front of Yuuri and folding her hands behind her back as she looks him over.] Inoue-san, my manager, rearranged some things for me so I could be here. I'm a pretty big fan of Viktor's. [But there's a playful tone to her voice even so.] When he asked, it was pretty hard to say no, you know? I've been watching your career all season. You've made an incredible comeback!

[So maybe she's a fan of Yuuri's, too.] Viktor emailed me some ideas of what he'd like you to work on while he's gone, but maybe we should get to know each other a little better before we jump right in. Warm up with me?
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Rise-san, then. [He says, stubbornly clinging to the politer option for now. If she's watching him closely, she'll notice the way his guard lowers even more as soon as she mentions Viktor.] He can be hard to say "no" to.

[Sure, he had practically given Viktor a string of rejections when he first arrived in Hasetsu, but that had been his fluster talking more than anything.

After shedding his sneakers and replacing them with his skates, Yuuri glides onto the ice with ease and joins her.]

So you've been watching my routines all season? [There's a bashful look on his face now, as if he's surprised by this.] I didn't know you were a fan of figure skating.
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[He's precious. She thinks it's sweet that he's so proper and she thinks that she should be just as respectful.] Not many people can, can they? [Her eyes sparkle with a hint of mischief, knowing very well that Yuuri is at least close with his coach even if she doesn't know the full extent of their relationship.

Once he slides up next to her she nods, pointing to the other side of the rink to indicate that they're going that way before she presses onward and glides away. She eventually turns around backwards, still skating as she addresses Yuuri.]

I've tried to! Anything I can't watch live I get Inoue-san to tape for me so I can look later. I think it's really, really cool! I ski in the winter sometimes and I've skated before but nothing like you guys. You're amazing on the ice! [She giggles to herself then.] Celebrities can be fans too, you know.

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