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Post-[community profile] robowest CMO

For all of your post-Robowest shenanigans, text, action, etc.
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[Fall comes, and he goes to college as he promised.

Coming to his home in July meant she was a little late to apply to most schools, but this doesn't bother her too much. She can take a break for a few months to get her head straight again, she rationalizes, and then start in January. It doesn't change the fact that she feels a bit restless as time goes on, especially when she thinks of everything he must be up to.

As such, as soon as he gets back for break, she has roughly a million questions to ask him about what he's been up to. They're wandering the city while she asks him everything she want to know, but... The weather forecast definitely didn't suggest rain might be on the horizon. When it does come, she makes a beeline for the nearest building that has an awning over the entrance, standing underneath the cover and looking up at the sky.]

You know, somehow I thought I had escaped this.
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It should absolutely have avoided this side of the country for all time.

[She doesn't really mind it too much, in all actuality; it's a bit inconvenient to be caught in it without an umbrella, but she's used to rain all the same. Washington, and all that.]

I'm guessing trying to make him chill out won't get you very far?
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I actually like snow, okay, don't knock it. [And then she just kind of squints.] ...Of course Olympus is an actual physical place in your world. Figures.

[When will everything make sense!! Regardless, she mirrors his motion, leaning against the wall as well. She blinks several times as she sees the lightning, though.]

I... will settle for him not smiting me, I guess.
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Of course you can control snow. Of course Olympus is located in the Empire State Building. We're coming back to the part about how I shouldn't be surprised anymore, probably.

[And yet, she still looks Concerned.]

Well, I'm glad the chances of me getting smote are relatively low. Smote... Smited? Smitten? I really hope it's not smitten, that's weird.
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I await that day with mild terror. [It takes her a minute, but—] Also, stop that.

[That request is more asked out of instinct than any actual distaste, but. Magic is weird!!]

I don't know. I'm betting on smote. Let's get Jason to tie break when we get home. [Suggested entirely because she's pretty sure Jason will take her side.] I don't really intend to do anything really big for a while, so I think it should be fine.
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Shut up, Annabeth is totally biased. Let's just ask Xion and not give her any context or something, I guess.

[Let the small pure give the final word in this smiting debate.]

Not sure. Been looking at colleges for next term.
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I feel like she will, but I also kind of hope that she doesn't. Yikes.

[She has to think about that for a while, then shrugs.]

Depends on the favor you said you might be able to call in, I guess. I don't really have any, uh, identification or anything.
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It might lean towards awful. I try not to think about it that much.

[She makes a face.]

...I have a lot of questions, but - yeah. That's the plan.
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Yeah. Definitely a positive for all of us.

[A small snort of amusement.]

You know, if three months ago someone told me I was going to be in New York trying to get a god to help me forge college entrance papers, I definitely would not have ever talked to that person again.
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Yeah. What do you know, it turns out that inexplicably and unexpectedly being pulled into another plane of existence or whatever the fuck that was tends to change stuff for people. What's Hermes like, anyways?

[A small smirk, confident, even as she watches the way the water seems to avoid his hand with some curiosity.]

Well, yeah. It's not hard to remember straight As. Man, I wonder if my school even exists in your version of reality... Trippy.
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[She tilts her head slightly, curious, before going on.]

What makes them never really great? He doesn't sound awful. Or is it just, like, all gods and goddesses are invariably jerks no matter how many favors they give you?

[And then she makes a face, rubbing any traces of water off herself. Rude, Percy.]

That was necessary, thanks for that. Normally I would say let's check it out, but I'm actually okay with not going anywhere near my hometown that may or may not exist for a while.
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[So. Settling in at Manhattan after growing up in Gotham is pretty jarring. It's definitely less gloom and doom than what he's used to, and without any vigilante activity to focus on — Jason is feeling a bit restless. Arriving at Percy's world in July meant that he had a whole lot of nothing to look forward to until he could pretend to be a normal human being again. Or, at least until he could pretend enough to finish high school or get his GED in the worst case scenario. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be Jason Todd if he didn't wind up screwing the pooch sooner or later.

Which is why, when Percy returns home at some point in time (could be months later, or not), Jason is just. Casually eating potato chips straight from the ridiculously family sized packaging, the knuckles on one of his hands bruised. Giving him a glance:]

Welcome home. [Munches... Crunches... Probably speaks with his mouth full, like a philistine.] How's life?
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Already doing better than most people, in that case. [Joking about death will never stop being a thing.

Unceremoniously, he's grabbing a fistful of the chips and dumping them into Percy's open palm. He might want to get his other hand in there to avoid losing some to the floor.]

If you guys wanted this to last you a week, you should've doubled up. I'm a growing boy.

[And also kind of a jerk when he's in the mood? Alright, Jason.]