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[On the one hand, at the time it had sounded like an okay idea. It's not like they haven't taken trips together before. Hell, they met at summer camp and wound up spending a long time together in the Digital World learning to fend for themselves and fight to save two worlds.


It didn't make sense to think that one little road trip would cause any kind of drama. In a way, he was actually sort of excited for it. Taichi liked the idea of going new places and even though he had tried fighting Yamato for the keys he'd resigned to letting the blonde drive as he kicked his feet up on the dash and settled into the passenger seat with the map unfolded. Their destination was only a few hundred miles away (which didn't sound so bad, considering) and for a while the drive was actually relaxing.

Then, after another short while the road started to look too flat and too straight. It's about then he sits up, peering out the windshield before turning his head to face Yamato.]

Are you sure you marked the destination right? We've been going straight for a long time. [It hasn't occurred to him there might be something else wrong with the map, but now he has to wonder...]
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[ It's not like they're the most unlikely road trip partners - case in point, that one camping/road trip that they took with Koushiro back in middle school. Yamato pretty much only recalls that the only drama during that one trip was who got control over the car radio.

So when they're both older and wiser (ish), it shouldn't cause too much drama, right?

At least the weather is nice out, and the car they've rented is not a piece of junk, and while there was a minor scuffle over the keys earlier (he's not sorry about winning), so far, everything is smooth-sailing.

Actually, maybe a little bit too smooth-sailing. ]


[ The road is relatively quiet enough that he can afford to take his eyes off the road for a moment to glance over at Taichi with a slight frown. ] Yeah, I marked out Hakone.

[ He's quite sure that it's correct, but at the next rest stop coming up, he's going to lean over and actually double check that it's not one kana or kanji off. ]
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[ On second thought and in hindsight, they really should have opted for renting the GPS system together with the car, instead of winging it like they're currently doing right about now. In his defence, the map was cheaper. ] ... Define way too north.

[ He's attempting to look at the map too when he's pulled over into a side stop, but it's currently being obscured by Taichi's hair, although with the way Taichi is tracing lines on the map and apparently backtracking their route from Tokyo, that... doesn't look too good.

Another frown, when Taichi's finger is hovering over what Yamato assumes is their current location, and... yeah. That looks really, really off. ]

Are we lost?

[ Nope, still not regretting winning the car keys. Also, there's something deeply ironic about how they've survived the Digital World twice without maps prior to this. ]
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[ Winging it doesn't seem like it's a fantastic idea, anymore, although the problem is that they didn't exactly plan very completely for this trip. The general idea of planning had just been road trip and that was pretty much it. ]

It's a map that I got from the bookstore... [ To be fair, Yamato should probably have checked with the bookstore staff that it was a scaled map that would have been much easier to use while driving. As it is, he'd honestly just hoped for the best at the point of purchase. This map just kind of has all the lines blurring together into a blue mess because it's too zoomed out. ]

I think we're lost.

[ Or rather, lost enough that this detour is probably going to cost them somehow. ]
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[ It's really the girls that are the planners of their group - the hot springs trip they'd last taken wasn't a complete disaster only because Sora, Mimi and Hikari had been around to make sure that not everything went pear-shaped. Take away those factors from the equation and then you have this. It could be worse. They could be on foot.

Well, at least the plan Taichi is proposing sounds pretty reasonable. Yamato makes a vague sound of agreement before he kicks the car back into gear. ]

Think I saw signs for a gas station about ten minutes away. [ The gas tank reader says it's a little more than half full, which is probably more than enough, but it pays to be safe, right? ] Think we can make it there on time?

[ Problem is that he can't quite remember whether there's a store at said gas station, and whether the gas station has a map for sale in the first place, well, his guess is as good as any. ]
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[ It could be worse, actually. It's universally understood (actually, no, it's not) that leaving the two of them together for an extended period of time will eventually result in some kind of fistfight or argument happening. The fact that they've lasted until now without any form of violence and are actually agreeing on stuff is mildly surprising, but hey, it's an improvement over punching someone or getting punched. ]

If we have to end up paying to clean the car when we return it, it's all on you. [ He's only about 70% serious.

There's no way to turn off to the other side of the highway until they hit the next exit, which is... some distance away. Long enough to at least add almost half an hour to the journey, and the frustrated sound that Yamato is making under his breath? It's loud enough to not-quite-count as under his breath anymore. ]