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[On the one hand, at the time it had sounded like an okay idea. It's not like they haven't taken trips together before. Hell, they met at summer camp and wound up spending a long time together in the Digital World learning to fend for themselves and fight to save two worlds.


It didn't make sense to think that one little road trip would cause any kind of drama. In a way, he was actually sort of excited for it. Taichi liked the idea of going new places and even though he had tried fighting Yamato for the keys he'd resigned to letting the blonde drive as he kicked his feet up on the dash and settled into the passenger seat with the map unfolded. Their destination was only a few hundred miles away (which didn't sound so bad, considering) and for a while the drive was actually relaxing.

Then, after another short while the road started to look too flat and too straight. It's about then he sits up, peering out the windshield before turning his head to face Yamato.]

Are you sure you marked the destination right? We've been going straight for a long time. [It hasn't occurred to him there might be something else wrong with the map, but now he has to wonder...]

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