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14th-Apr-2017 03:07 pm - CMO - JOHN EGBERT

Call-Me-Out post for one (1) John Egbert of Homestuck

also casually puts his font here for tagging not on my laptop whoops
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14th-Mar-2017 07:15 pm - Post-[community profile] robowest CMO

For all of your post-Robowest shenanigans, text, action, etc.
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13th-Jan-2015 03:12 pm - Because Science
1.) Leave a prompt (picture, text, etc)
2.) Leave a starter
so that
3.) We can have museboxy shenanigans

I lied this became science and bullshit.

1.) Write your own scenario!

2.) Leave me a prompt! Words, pictures, whatever, and I will create something.
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31st-Aug-2013 01:18 pm - Call Me Out

Call Me Out
Pick anyone from the above list or request someone from here to start a scene with. This is a post for requests and for threads. Please let me know if you'd like to set up a different post for our scene.

*Additionally, for TFLN scenarios check here.
For picture prompts, check here.

Full list of names and ages of characters/ages I will play them at under the cut )
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