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16th-Jun-2013 09:57 pm - Kairi & Masaomi, closed
[When Kairi had first moved into her apartment complex, she was a little concerned with the state of the building itself. It wasn't exactly run down or anything, but it wasn't exactly living in the lap of luxury either. Her kitchen sink constantly leaked, it took some effort to get the heater and air conditioning to work more than 15 minutes at a time, and sometimes...sometimes the breaker would blow all together and send her plunging into the pitch black.

That evening happened to be one of those times, and she sighed loudly. Great. Just what she needed tonight, and with her landlord out of town she knew she wouldn't be able to fix anything until the morning. She groped around in the darkness for her phone, unlocking the screen to send a text to her neighbor. She didn't dare go outside in case the entire complex was having a blackout, but she could at least check on Masaomi.]

lites out for you 2, or am i just the lucky 1?
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