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14th-Mar-2017 07:15 pm - Post-[community profile] robowest CMO

For all of your post-Robowest shenanigans, text, action, etc.
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30th-Jun-2016 11:41 am - Nico + Hiro
[He didn't think to ask where Nico was going but all that matters is that his friends are irresponsible idiots who forgot Hiro was 16 and allowed him to drink before remembering he's actually a child. By then it was a little late though.

Thus, Nico gets a text a short time after he gets home.]

ur dog wont get off of me. sos. make this stop. ur cat is licking my hair?

[Maybe only about 50% of that is true but hey.]

where r u?????
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[i.e. a continuation of this

Piper may or may not be surprised to find that the address Luke texted her was for an office somewhere on Wall Street. Piper may or may not have also been surprised to find that when she gets to the office there is, in fact, a secretary that directs her to where "Mr. Castellan's" office is, right down the hall and around the corner behind two large wooden doors.

One of the doors is cracked open though, as promised.

Once Piper opens the doors she'll find that Luke is a.) dressed in a suit and tie, b.) sitting behind a giant desk with his feet propped up on said-desk, and c.) scrolling through something on his phone. When she walks in though he looks up with a slightly smug look on his face.]

Eight minutes. Not too bad.
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28th-Nov-2013 03:31 pm - Luke + Thalia [Closed]
3 things I learned last night: 1.) I'm not as light as I used to be. 2.) Sex on the roof of a convertible is a really bad idea. 3.) The hospital now has super glue pens for sealing minor cuts instead of stitches!
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26th-Nov-2013 01:00 pm - Luke and Annabeth [closed]
[It's about 3am in the middle of December when Annabeth gets a small string of texts]

i used my powers for the greater good tonight and broke into a potato chip factory. you know. for reasons.

it's snowing and my flamingo doesn't like it

i bet demeter kids could put the tree in times square to shame

do you know who thalias with tonight because she won't tell me because she knows itll make me crazy why is she so mean to me and why do i like her anyway

annabeth. annabeth. abeth. i think im lost...and missing my left shoe

can you at least tell me that coming back to life wasn't the biggest mistake ive ever made...?
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