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[Three things happened the day after his family's trial for their part in the second wizarding war. First of all, Lucius Malfoy decided to donate a lot of galleons to various charities to try and put the family name back in good graces. Secondly, Narcissa Malfoy decided to spend a lot of galleons to gut and redecorate the Manor after Voldemort's reign. And thirdly, Draco Malfoy decided to take a lot of galleons, pack a small knapsack and run like hell.

If anyone were to ask what caused Draco to run away from the Manor, the short answer would be that he needed a change. He couldn't stand the fact that his every move was now under the microscope, couldn't stand the articles in the Prophet, couldn't stand how he and his family now had to act like trained circus dogs. It was disgusting, and it hurt. The best solution he could think of was disappear…maybe make it so that Draco Malfoy never existed at all.

He'd made a lot of mistakes in his life, but probably one of the biggest was venturing out into the Muggle world not having a single clue what he was doing. It was stupid. So, so stupid. He'd have enough sense to convert some of the galleons to pounds, but beyond that he was so incredibly lost for the first couple of weeks. As he got used to it, he found that backpacking was actually sort of interesting, living off the land, seeing the sights. He'd gotten good at navigating Muggle London when he decided it was time to try and navigate Muggle France in early July.

It was late afternoon when he Apparated into a back alley, shifting his backpack and adjusting the sleeves of his shirt.

Coffee, Draco decided, was probably a good idea.

Walking down the sidewalk, not paying attention, and holding coffee that is inevitably going to be spilled on someone? Not so much of a good idea. He was so busy looking around that he wasn't paying attention to where he was going at all.]
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20th-Jul-2013 09:07 pm - Draco + Hermione, closed
[The war had been over for four years. He had just celebrated his twenty-first birthday two months prior, but he still felt like that scared, confused seventeen-year-old boy. He spent a lot of time out of the wizarding world now, running to muggle parts of the world to hide from the judgement, the stares. He'd spent the last three years after his trial traveling around the world and getting a wider view of the world.

However, it was his second night back in England after an impromptu trip to Brazil and he decided to go out to Diagon Alley and explore the area. He was being careful though, slinking through shadows and keeping his jacket sleeves pulled down over his wrists. He was in the mood for some new reading material though and he knew Flourish and Blotts would be closing soon. Which was helpful, considering. He didn't want to run into any classmates, and he most certainly didn't want to deal with the stares he knew he'd get.

The bell to the shop rang out announcing his arrival and he stepped in. He was doing his best not to make eye contact with anyone including the person working in the shop.]

If I were looking for books on advanced charms, where would I find those?
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Continued from here.

[He couldn't help but snort at her question. Even now she was a bit naive.]

Of course. Didn't Potter tell you about the trial? About how heroic and generous he was for sparing my family? [He was doing his best to stay in his bed but also dodge the touching. Without the safety blanket of last night's events, he was too uncomfortable to get closer.]
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