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21st-Jun-2013 08:08 pm - Harry + Hermione, closed
[If someone were to tell them that they'd return to Hogwarts for a seventh year after the downfall of Voldemort, Harry wouldn't have believed them. Then again, only four months ago he had believed he was going to die and never see another day at Hogwarts ever again.

The castle was still in a state of restoration. A lot of work had been done over the summer, but a majority of the teachers were taking spare time between classes to rebuild parts of the castle per Professor McGonagall's orders. The seventh years who had returned to the school were doing their part as well.

However, Harry was skimping on his duties today. Though no one really paid attention to him directly after the battle, the attention had come back around after the commotion of May 2nd died down. He was mostly looking for somewhere to hide during the period between his classes. Thus he headed toward the library. He knew it would be nearly empty seeing how everyone else in the school were in classes or in their dormitories. He quietly made his way to a back corner, propping up a copy of Hogwarts, a History to hide his face behind.

He knew that nobody would bother him except for the people he wouldn't mind seeing. That was enough.]
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