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30th-Jun-2016 11:41 am - Nico + Hiro
[He didn't think to ask where Nico was going but all that matters is that his friends are irresponsible idiots who forgot Hiro was 16 and allowed him to drink before remembering he's actually a child. By then it was a little late though.

Thus, Nico gets a text a short time after he gets home.]

ur dog wont get off of me. sos. make this stop. ur cat is licking my hair?

[Maybe only about 50% of that is true but hey.]

where r u?????
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13th-Jan-2015 03:12 pm - Because Science
1.) Leave a prompt (picture, text, etc)
2.) Leave a starter
so that
3.) We can have museboxy shenanigans

I lied this became science and bullshit.

1.) Write your own scenario!

2.) Leave me a prompt! Words, pictures, whatever, and I will create something.
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I woke up in the ER. This living like theres no tomorrow really could mean theres no tomorrow.
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