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16th-Jun-2013 09:57 pm - Kairi & Masaomi, closed
[When Kairi had first moved into her apartment complex, she was a little concerned with the state of the building itself. It wasn't exactly run down or anything, but it wasn't exactly living in the lap of luxury either. Her kitchen sink constantly leaked, it took some effort to get the heater and air conditioning to work more than 15 minutes at a time, and sometimes...sometimes the breaker would blow all together and send her plunging into the pitch black.

That evening happened to be one of those times, and she sighed loudly. Great. Just what she needed tonight, and with her landlord out of town she knew she wouldn't be able to fix anything until the morning. She groped around in the darkness for her phone, unlocking the screen to send a text to her neighbor. She didn't dare go outside in case the entire complex was having a blackout, but she could at least check on Masaomi.]

lites out for you 2, or am i just the lucky 1?
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10th-Jun-2013 10:22 pm - Riku + Kairi, closed
[It didn't rain often on the island, but when it rained, boy did it pour. When Kairi awoke that morning it was to the sound of the raindrops pelting against her window and the rolling thunder off in the distance. It didn't bother her though. As much as she loved the sunny days on the island, the rainy days weren't bad either. The downside though was the inability to go to the play island without the fear of the boats wrecking and being lost at sea.

She wasn't planning to stay inside all day though. No way. She knew just what to do to ensure she'd have some entertainment for the afternoon. With that thought in mind, it was shortly after lunch that she slipped on a pair of rainboots and her jacket, grabbing an umbrella and absconding from the mayor's house out into the rain. The walk itself wasn't going to take long, and it didn't even occur to her what she'd do if the boy wasn't home, but it didn't matter. She hopped up the steps to the porch around Riku's house and shifted the umbrella to her other hand.

She thought about just going in, but that was still kind of rude. So instead she closed her fist and knocked, rapping her knuckles three times on the boy's front door.]
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1st-Apr-2013 10:53 pm - Sora+Kairi, Closed
[Despite having her Keyblade, Kairi wasn't exactly as well versed in training as her boys were. It wasn't that much of a shock of course seeing how she just recently received it, but she couldn't lie and say it wasn't a bit disheartening to know she was so far behind. Today though that was going to change. Today Sora had agreed to teach her some of the magic he'd learned on his travels, and needless to say she was excited.

She had only been to Yen Sid's tower once, and it was a brief visit. To find herself here again was a bit unusual but it wasn't exactly unwanted. It appeared as though she had arrived a little early though since she didn't spot the brunette just yet. Oh well. She settled herself on a clean patch of ground, folding her legs under her and patiently waiting for her best friend to arrive.

...she was just hoping he hadn't overslept.]
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14th-Aug-2012 09:48 pm - Kairi and Riku; closed
[It's been a few days since they returned home. Since all of them returned home in one piece. They had spent time together since then, but Kairi knew she had to spend time with the boys individually.

To be honest, she was almost afraid that Riku would say no, that he would try to run away again when she asked him to meet him on his tree. She immediately scoffed at herself though; Riku was still one of her best friends. She was being silly.

So on a morning a few days after the boys' triumphant return, Kairi rows herself out to the play island, walking over the bridge to the paopu island and hoisting herself up on the bent tree. She faces the open ocean, watching and waiting patiently for any sign of the silver-haired boy.]
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