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1st-Apr-2013 10:53 pm - Sora+Kairi, Closed
[Despite having her Keyblade, Kairi wasn't exactly as well versed in training as her boys were. It wasn't that much of a shock of course seeing how she just recently received it, but she couldn't lie and say it wasn't a bit disheartening to know she was so far behind. Today though that was going to change. Today Sora had agreed to teach her some of the magic he'd learned on his travels, and needless to say she was excited.

She had only been to Yen Sid's tower once, and it was a brief visit. To find herself here again was a bit unusual but it wasn't exactly unwanted. It appeared as though she had arrived a little early though since she didn't spot the brunette just yet. Oh well. She settled herself on a clean patch of ground, folding her legs under her and patiently waiting for her best friend to arrive.

...she was just hoping he hadn't overslept.]
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