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19th-Dec-2016 03:11 pm - Winter Funderland

1.) Pick a character
2.) Hit me with a prompt, a picture prompt, or any other winter fun-time things you can think of
2a.) You can also leave me a blank comment and a vague idea of what you'd like and I can write a starter
3.) Receive cute winter things!

Ideas include but are not limited to: snowmen, mistletoe, ice skating, being snowed in, winter trips, Christmas shopping, Christmas parities, New Years celebrations, snowball fights, etc. Current CR, past CR, and assumed CR are also all game.
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11th-Feb-2016 01:24 pm - The Long-Distance Meme

1.) pick a character in your subject line
2.) come up with a scenario or leave a blank comment and I'll do one myself. Scenarios can include:
In-face visit after set amount of time (special trip, anniversary, etc.)
3.) drown in cute things
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13th-Jan-2015 03:12 pm - Because Science
1.) Leave a prompt (picture, text, etc)
2.) Leave a starter
so that
3.) We can have museboxy shenanigans

I lied this became science and bullshit.

1.) Write your own scenario!

2.) Leave me a prompt! Words, pictures, whatever, and I will create something.
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18th-Jun-2014 06:33 pm - Open RP Post 2.0
Grab Bag RP

1.) Pick a muse
(please try to make it a muse that has a 3-star rating or higher as I'm not too adjusted to the ones with lower than that!
**will make exceptions on case-by-case basis)

2.) Provide a prompt! Pick something from [community profile] bakerstreet or picture-prompt or TFLN or just make something up!

3.) I don't know, I just wanted to make it to three.

Have fun!

**willing to play fluff, gen, shipping, smut, etc.
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3rd-Feb-2014 03:23 pm - College/University AU Catch-All!

Welcome to University, the best (or worst) four years of your life. Where you'll learn a lot and promptly forget it all within two years post-graduation. Where you'll have a lot of nights you can't remember with friends you'll never forget. Where you'll have experiences in love and heartache.

Welcome to the Real World.

Please feel free to create a starter, or leave a blank comment requesting a character and I will create a starter!
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