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30th-Jun-2016 11:41 am - Nico + Hiro
[He didn't think to ask where Nico was going but all that matters is that his friends are irresponsible idiots who forgot Hiro was 16 and allowed him to drink before remembering he's actually a child. By then it was a little late though.

Thus, Nico gets a text a short time after he gets home.]

ur dog wont get off of me. sos. make this stop. ur cat is licking my hair?

[Maybe only about 50% of that is true but hey.]

where r u?????
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28th-Nov-2013 03:31 pm - Luke + Thalia [Closed]
3 things I learned last night: 1.) I'm not as light as I used to be. 2.) Sex on the roof of a convertible is a really bad idea. 3.) The hospital now has super glue pens for sealing minor cuts instead of stitches!
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4th-Sep-2013 02:29 am - Ron & Hermione; closed, Demigods
[It had really just been coincidental that she'd taken on this mission a few days before Ron was to return from his. She'd thought about waiting, maybe passing it off to one of her siblings or someone from Hermes cabin, but she wasn't going to have that. She needed to take this on to prove she knew what she was doing and to really experience time in the field. It wasn't that she'd hadn't gone out before, but this was her first solo quest. Collecting Persephone's pearls sounded easy, yes, but considering there were a few scattered around the country that she needed to locate? It was going to take some time.

She only needed to bring back three. Her goal was five. Ever the overachiever, she found herself just by the border of North Carolina. She'd been traveling by foot, bus, and cab when she could to get to her destination, but she was still a few miles out. She'd decided to settle in for a quick bite to eat and to revisit her strategies to make sure she was on track.

She found herself at a diner in a hidden back corner alone. As soon as she had her food, it was like the waitress forgot she was there entirely. It was a good place for a demigod to hide for a few hours to regroup. Certainly nobody would be able to get in touch with her there, right?]
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