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I woke up in the ER. This living like theres no tomorrow really could mean theres no tomorrow.
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23rd-Nov-2014 06:05 pm - Texts from Troy Bolton
[i.e. a continuation of this]

You know, I think I'll take that as a compliment. I don't see anything wrong with wanting nice things and nice people.

Um...something like that. It's kind of complicated? But sure, we'll go with that! Aha.
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[i.e. a continuation of this

Piper may or may not be surprised to find that the address Luke texted her was for an office somewhere on Wall Street. Piper may or may not have also been surprised to find that when she gets to the office there is, in fact, a secretary that directs her to where "Mr. Castellan's" office is, right down the hall and around the corner behind two large wooden doors.

One of the doors is cracked open though, as promised.

Once Piper opens the doors she'll find that Luke is a.) dressed in a suit and tie, b.) sitting behind a giant desk with his feet propped up on said-desk, and c.) scrolling through something on his phone. When she walks in though he looks up with a slightly smug look on his face.]

Eight minutes. Not too bad.
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11th-Aug-2013 12:46 am - Ron & Hermione; closed
[To say that Hermione was anxious to go home for Christmas break would have been an understatement. She was more than ready days ago, but at least she had her schoolwork to keep her preoccupied on the days leading up to the trip back home. She was excited to see her parents, of course, but her main focus was seeing a certain redheaded boyfriend. She wasn't entirely sure how she was going to work it into her schedule, but she was more than determined to spend a few days with Ron while she could. While it was nice to be able to see him for a few hours during Hogsmeade weekends, it was never enough.

On the one hand, at least it was easier to cope now than it had been in September when she first went back to school without him and Harry. Their relationship was still new-ish to her despite the fact they had really been together for over six months. Really, it just meant a lot of homesickness that she wasn't used to feeling and it was only after a lengthy letter to Ron and a floo conversation that she remembered it was only for a year and that she had been the one to decide it. It was just a comfort to know he missed her as much as she missed him.

However, her plans with Ron would have to wait until after she saw her family. She stepped off of the Hogwarts Express, immediately leaving the station to catch a taxi to take to her home. She had spoken with her parents and they had agreed she was all right handling things on her own.

What she wasn't expecting, however, was her parents being surprised she was home the moment she walked through the door. They weren't expecting her, they said. They had assumed she'd be spending Christmas with the Weasleys, they said.

While it was nice, it was also a bit perturbing. She wasted no time in sending a message to Ron though. "Parents are leaving the country for Christmas tomorrow morning and assumed I'd be with you. Come get me?"

Ron, of course, had responded immediately and arrangements had been made. All she had to do now was wait.]
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20th-Jul-2013 09:07 pm - Draco + Hermione, closed
[The war had been over for four years. He had just celebrated his twenty-first birthday two months prior, but he still felt like that scared, confused seventeen-year-old boy. He spent a lot of time out of the wizarding world now, running to muggle parts of the world to hide from the judgement, the stares. He'd spent the last three years after his trial traveling around the world and getting a wider view of the world.

However, it was his second night back in England after an impromptu trip to Brazil and he decided to go out to Diagon Alley and explore the area. He was being careful though, slinking through shadows and keeping his jacket sleeves pulled down over his wrists. He was in the mood for some new reading material though and he knew Flourish and Blotts would be closing soon. Which was helpful, considering. He didn't want to run into any classmates, and he most certainly didn't want to deal with the stares he knew he'd get.

The bell to the shop rang out announcing his arrival and he stepped in. He was doing his best not to make eye contact with anyone including the person working in the shop.]

If I were looking for books on advanced charms, where would I find those?
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